How to Get Flat Abs Fast

Ever wanted to know how to get flat abs fast? Quit smoking. All right, that was a joke. Kicking cigarettes out of your life probably won’t give you sexy, flat abs. But I figured I’d try to squeeze another health tip in here while I’m at it. No more jokes. I promise.

If you really want to get flat abs quickly, you’re probably going to have to change what you allow into your body. The Flat Belly Diet—a new book published by the editors of Shape Magazine—recommends a 4 day anti-bloat diet to kick off a new, healthier lifestyle.

If your goal is to button your jeans without muffin topping, or to get rid of a little bulge so that your bikini looks better, an anti bloat type of diet may be just what you need. If you’ve ever “gone on a diet” before, you know that the first week or two will usually yield the greatest results. In fact, much of the weight that you lose at the beginning of a diet is water weight, which is great news if you’re trying to get flatter abs fast.

If your body is prone to retaining excess water, you’re actually in good shape for trying to get flat abs in a hurry. This is because water can be removed from your system much faster than actual fat. Our bodies store water as a reaction to perceived deprivation. If you don’t drink enough water (8 8oz. glasses is the standard recommendation; if you’re working out regularly you’ll want to up your intake), or you consume large amounts of certain foods and beverages, your body will think it cannot get enough water; and will therefore start holding it in.

Cutting caffeinated beverages and salty foods out of your diet can help your body get back to normal water levels in just a few days. Caffeine is a diuretic, which means that it flushes fluids out of your body. If you remember the process of osmosis from high school chemistry, you know that salt actually pulls water out of your cells.

Whatever the cause of your dehydration—lack of fluid intake or consuming too much of water-stealing foods and drinks— the effect is the same. Your body starts retaining water, and you begin to feel bloated.

Eating foods that “don’t agree” with your digestive system is another reason you might feel a little chubby or bloated on any given day. Lactose intolerance is a prime example that affects many people. Drink a bit of milk or eat a scoop of ice cream, and suddenly you’re uncomfortable and looking down at a blown up belly.

Staying away from foods that commonly cause discomfort, as well as anything you’ve had a bad digestive reaction to in the past can help you slim down in a jiff!

By staying hydrated and paying attention to what you eat and drink on a daily basis, you can start to see flat abs in just days. Try it for yourself, and see whether your favorite jeans don’t button a little easier tomorrow.

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