How to Get Abs Fast

Whatever your reason for wanting to get a more toned tummy quickly, chances are good that if you’re here you don’t have much time. If you’re already sporting a slim midsection, and are just looking for some muscle definition, skip down a few paragraphs. If stomach size is a major part of your problem, never fear. Read on for some tips and tricks proven to make your tummy flatter in just days.

For women especially, water retention and bloating play huge roles in the appearance of our stomachs on any given day. If you’re trying to get abs fast, working to counteract bloating should be your first step.

If you normally consume lots of salty foods, soft drinks or other caffeinated beverages, or large quantities of spicy foods and flavorings, you have a great deal of potential to decrease your waistline simply by reducing bloating.

Caffeine is a diuretic, which means that it really does remove water from your system. If your body adapts to this effect, it will try to ward off dehydration by holding in as much water as possible. Salt—though not a diuretic—has a similar effect. Salty foods dehydrate you, and your body retains water as a result.

If we were still hunters and gatherers, this automatic storage system would make sense, because we might not know when the next fresh drink of water would be available. Today, however, it is a nuisance, and a hindrance in your quest for flat abs.

Spicy foods have the tendency to irritate our stomachs and GI tracts: not a good thing when we are trying to calm and flatten our tummies. Staying away from spice and making sure to stay hydrated (with real water; not soda pop or other sweet drinks) will help your body feel comfortable, and can substantially help reduce bloating.

That’s right: you’ve got to drink water to get rid of water weight. As stated before, your body begins to store water when it begins to get the least bit dehydrated. Make it understand that you have a constant supply of water at your disposal, and it will stop storing so much excess.

Once you have begun to deal with the bloating, it’s time to firm up your abs as quickly as possible. This part is going to require a fair bit of work, but the more you’re willing to put in, the better your results will be.

Look for a form of exercise that will let you burn high numbers of calories while strengthening your abs, to get the most efficient workout in the least amount of time. Kickboxing is a killer cardio and full body workout, with a core emphasis unmatched by almost any other single type of workout.

Structure your gym time so that you hit up a kickboxing class before moving to the mats for some hard core abs isolation work. This will help you get flat abs much sooner than, say, spending the same amount of time on a treadmill.

Whether you’re dreading an upcoming weekend at the beach or an uncomfortable at the thought of a looming pool party, you still have time to get flatter abs. Remember that little steps can produce great results. So cut the foods and drinks that make you look and feel bloated, and hit the gym with the highest intensity you can muster. The higher your resolve, the greater your results will be. Get to work!

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