How to Get Abs Fast and Easy

Asking a trainer how to get abs fast and easy is kind of like asking a dentist how to fix a cavity without numbness or drilling. It’s not really possible. I’m not saying these things to discourage you, I promise. But it is very important to set realistic goals; especially when it comes to health and fitness. If we go into something looking for an easy way and come to find out there isn’t one, we are less likely to keep plugging away. If we know from the beginning that something is going to require hard work and dedication, it’s actually much easier to stick it out.

So now that I’ve given you the hard facts, let’s try to minimize the pain. Getting great abs definitely is possible, but it will necessarily require making some lifestyle changes and sacrifices. Diet and exercise will, naturally, play very important roles in the success or failure of your efforts; so here are some simple rules to keep you sane on the way to a sleeker, slimmer physique.

Remember that almost anything is all right in moderation, and live accordingly. Above all, do not turn things you love into the enemy in an effort to cut fat or gain muscle. If you struggle with your weight but love chocolate chip cookies, for example, treat yourself to a fresh one from the bakery on a day when you walk or ride your bike to work. Don’t keep boxes in the pantry, because that’s an obvious invitation to binge; but don’t feel like you have to cut them out of your life altogether.

When it comes to exercise, do what you must to make it a regular part of your life. One of the most common excuses for not exercising is a lack of time. It’s true: our days our busy. But squeezing thirty minutes out of a day to do something good for yourself in the form of physical fitness is rarely (if ever) impossible. If all else fails, pack a healthy lunch to eat at your desk, and use your allotted lunch break to go for a power walk around the block.

One of the best ways to stick with any program is not to go at it alone. So recruit a buddy with whom you can share your goal of getting abs as fast and easily as possible. Trade healthful recipes or go to the gym together. Having someone else to share the journey toward physical fitness will keep your motivation high and your chances of quitting low.

While I meant it when I said there was no sure way to get abs fast and easy, I’m equally sure that with the right attitude and awareness, you can achieve any health and fitness goal. If getting great abs is yours, don’t be discouraged by the lack of a quick fix. Instead, commit to the work you know it’s going to take, and modify your life to support your goal in every way. In the end, it feels better to accomplish something through hard work than to have it handed to you. So get going now, and those abs will be yours fast and easily enough.

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