How to Get Abs Diet

Here is the truth about crunches: they can make your abs stronger, but they won’t make your torso leaner. If you’re looking to get great abs, but need to burn off some extra tummy fat first, then you’ll need to focus on what you eat, as well as strengthening your abs with regular, targeted exercises.

Most of us have at least a general idea of what types of foods are good for our bodies, and what types simply don’t have any worthwhile nutritional benefits. For example: if I asked you to choose the more healthful choice between an apple and a plate of Oreos, you’d probably choose the fruit quickly and with certainty. But what if I asked you to choose between a slice of cheese pizza and a spicy crispy chicken sandwich from a fast food restaurant? It’s a tougher choice.

If you really want a successful abs diet, then my best recommendation is that you stay away from expensive programs and meal plans, and put some time into nutritional education. This way you’ll be well equipped to choose foods and make other choices that fit your lifestyle and will help you reach your goals. Making conscious changes to what you already do is a much better way to diet than trying to follow someone else’s program that will inevitably leave you bored, hungry, or both.

First the basics: fried food is out; as are most snacks that come in brightly colored packages. Look for grocery store options that advertise little or no saturated fat; and stay away from processed foods high in sodium and fat whenever possible. Fresh fruits and veggies are low in calories, high in fiber, and contain many of the vitamins and minerals that healthy bodies need. Look for rich colors and aim for at least a serving of produce with every meal.

Consuming lean proteins like poultry, fish, and even beans will help you replace fat with lean abdominal muscle tissue: given the right workout efforts. Seafood choices also contain omega-3 fatty acids—very beneficial fats that our bodies need— so treat yourself to fish twice a week.

Don’t sabotage your best efforts and intentions by keeping poor snack choices in the house, either. It’s fine to treat yourself to your favorite guilty pleasure food every now and then, but keeping a half gallon of ice cream in the freezer just isn’t a smart idea. When I’m in the mood to indulge my sweet tooth, I walk to the ice cream store and get a scoop of whatever I want. The extra effort reminds me that it’s a treat; and I’m satisfied without gorging myself straight from the carton.

If you’ve got a significant amount of fat to lose before your abs can show through, then reducing your overall calorie intake will also be an important part of your new diet. By filling up on fiber-rich produce and complex carbohydrates, you’ll be able to consume fewer calories while still satisfying your stomach and your energy needs.

If you’re ready to get a six pack, the first step toward success will be to shape up your eating habits. So focus on nutrition and choose foods that give your body more than just empty calories. You’ll be showing off great abs before you know it!

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